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Representing Manufacturers Of Clothing And Equipment For Fire, Police, Military, Safety, Industrial And Recreational Use
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We have been serving the needs of distributors and manufacturers in the  Northeast United States since 2006.  We specialize in finding motivated distributors to represent product lines from some of the finest manufacturers in various markets. We work hard to be the liaison between manufacturer and distributor - relaying the needs, concerns and suggestions of both to make products sell effectively.

Everyone makes money when products sell! Let’s work together to make that happen!

Browse our Web site for more information about the fine manufacturers listed  and call or e-mail us if you have an interest in selling their  products.

Different sales regions exist for different manufacturers.
Although we typically cover NY, NJ, Pa., De., Md., Vt., Mass., Maine, NH, Conn.  and RI we are limited in states with some manufacturers so please  inquire. We can gladly refer you to the appropriate rep if you are not  in our territory.
              E-mail us at or call us at 607-952-6007